I can’t find my release online. What could be wrong?

First, please check release date. Normally, new releases can be found on Beatport on Monday in the afternoon (CET). If your release is Beatport Exclusive, that means that either 2 or 4 weeks after that day the release will appear on all other portals.

My release is placed under the wrong genre. What should I do?

Please email us your catalogue number, track number(s) and the genre that they should be on. Preferrably, also include a link to the release online. Please email info@blackholedistribution.net

I want to adjust names of artists, remixers or tracks. How can I do that?

Please email us your catalogue number and the changes that you want to be made. Please email info@blackholedistribution.net

I want to share pre-order links of my upcoming release. How can I do that?

If your release was delivered to Black Hole Distribution in time, we put your release on pre order on iTunes. If you want the link to the iTunes pre order, go to iTunes and search for the release. When the album cover of your release shows up, there is a dropdown menu below it. Click on this box and there you can copy the link to the pre order.

My new release is Mastered for iTunes (MFiT). How can I best communicate this?

Please deliver your new release including MFiT masters and normal masters. Make sure that your labelcopy contains: the name of the mastering company, the name of the mastering engineer and his/her email address. Please note that a release can only be labelled as MFiT when the mastering company is an iTunes certified MFiT company.

My new release has a press release and / or promo text. Can we include this online?

Please make sure to include any press- or promotional documents in your delivery to Black Hole Distribution. We can then include it in the delivery to all portals.

I am a label owner and I would like to get more information about Black Hole Distribution and it’s services. What should I do?

Please send an email to info@blackholedistribution.net and make sure to include the name(s) of your label(s), links to Soundcloud, YouTube and / or Beatport and please specify the main genre of your music.