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Black Hole Recordings’ wide network and experience in the music industry are some important strengths of our relatively young distribution unit. As time passes, demand for the right services grows stronger. Black Hole Distribution is always developing new services to live up to this demand. Services like databasemarketing, licensing and accounting are added to our wide assortment, making it realizable to help you as good as possible while you are developing your music career.


One of the cornerstones of high quality music is a perfectly mastered audio file. We only accept the highest quality of audio, artwork and video files. Having this standard helps us guarantee quality deliveries to all DSP’s, as well as serving the end user with the best sound experience possible. We offer an extra service to our clients; the mastering of audio files.


Clients of Black Hole Distribution receive quarterly or semi annual statements. A statement is a detailed file including all relevant sales data.


We offer services regarding licensing and Synch licensing, both exclusive and non-exclusive. Getting your tracks featured on compilations is an important way to highlight your music, and generate revenue. Synch licensing is all about the usage of musical content on video’s, commercials and online advertising.

Online System

Our easy to use online distribution platform gives you full access and control of your catalogue. Our system shows insights in trends & sales from the biggest retailers, such as iTunes, Spotify and Beatport. Updated on a daily basis.

Promotion & Marketing

We can promote your content in different ways. Varying from Fatdrop promo, to inclusion of your releases in promotional activities to f.e. iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and Amazon. We can help you set your marketing goals and adjust your content to your preferred retailers.


We provide artwork for clients of Black Hole Distribution. With a high quality album cover you’re sure your release stands out in the crowd.

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